A Collaborative Innovation by KIMLY × SEN: The Launch of Hybrid Mounting Bracket System

On 26 March 2024, Kimly Construction Pte Ltd and SEN Engineering hosted our ground breaking event, “The Launch of Hybrid Mounting Bracket System” at the Kimly Innovation Hub.
This event marked a milestone to showcase the revolutionary application and case studies of an innovative steel system, bridging advancements from Korea to Singapore.

Mr. Roy Khoo, Director of Kimly Construction Pte Ltd and Dr. Lee Seung Hwan, CEO of SEN Engineering Singapore, captivated the audience with insights into the rich research background and compelling case studies surrounding innovative steel systems. From the Prefabricated Steel Reinforced Concrete Column (PSRC), Thin Steel Composite Girder (TSC), and the centerpiece of the event, the Hybrid Mounting Bracket (HMB). This is indeed a collaborative innovation triumph achieved in both Korea and Singapore.
In summary, HMB, along with its bespoke predecessor innovative system, provides a practical structural solution for buildings with high loading requirements, stringent acoustic demands, the need to resist fire loads and tall headroom specifications.

To provide our esteemed guests with a tangible glimpse into the potential of this innovative steel system, Kimly Construction Pte Ltd and SEN collaborated closely to erect a mock-up of the HMB at the Kimly Innovation Hub. This pioneering feat, fabricated in Korea and assembled in Singapore, stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation.

In extending our heartfelt appreciation, KIMLY & SEN would like to thank key stakeholders including Building and Construction Authority, JTC Corporation, National University of Singapore, and SEOULTECH as well as consultants, contractors, and suppliers whose invaluable contributions made this event a resounding success.

Let’s continue to push the boundaries of innovation together!