As construction projects get increasingly complex, the demands placed on the industry are higher than ever. Kimly constantly invests in the latest innovations and the best talent to ensure every project is delivered successfully.

Our expertise


Construction Management

From humble beginnings in the 60s, Kimly has grown to become a BCA-registered A1 General Building Contractor able to participate in tenders of unlimited value.

We house an array of technical expertise including civil, structural and service engineers, as well as planners and cost estimators. We are connected through a robust supply chain built on years of business relationships and boast a track record of projects spanning multiple industries.

Orchestrating the toughest operations demands first-rate construction management – and that is what Kimly has provided for decades.

Design & Build


Since the introduction of the Design & Build (D&B) Scheme in the ‘90s, Kimly has executed many such projects on a large scale.

We invest heavily in technical support staff and resources, and work hand-in-hand with our external design consultants to develop functional and economical solutions.

Our D&B projects include 1976 units of HDB flats at Bedok Reservoir, 636 units in Maysprings Condominium, and 622 units in Sanctuary Green Condominium among others.

Advanced systems


Building Information Modeling (BIM)


In 2010, Kimly became one of the local pioneers of Building Information Modelling (BIM) with The Vermont as its pilot project. BIM, in essence, is the creation and use of a digital 3D model to represent physical and functional characteristics of a construction project, providing greater clarity before construction starts, as well as throughout the project lifecycle.

BIM’s advantages include:

  • Improved stakeholder communication
  • Better coordination and collaboration
  • More efficient and accurate documentation
  • Easier construction analysis and planning
  • Reduced lead times for quantity take-offs and cost estimates

BIM Awards:

  • BCA BIM Awards 2017 (Projects) – Gold Plus (Signature at Yishun)
  • BCA BIM Awards 2016 (Organisation) – Platinum
  • BCA BIM Awards 2016 (Projects) – Platinum (Changi General Hospital) (Kimly-Shimizu Joint Venture)
  • BCA BIM Awards 2016 (Projects) – Gold Plus (Commonwealth Towers)
  • BCA BIM Awards 2015 (Organisation) – Gold Plus
  • BCA BIM Awards 2015 (Projects) – Platinum (Yishun Community Hospital) (Kimly-Shimizu Joint Venture)
  • BCA BIM Awards 2015 (Projects) – Gold Plus (Amber Skye)
  • BCA BIM Awards 2014 (Projects) – Gold (St. Thomas Condominium)

Precast Capabilities

An early adopter in 2000, Kimly is now one of Singapore’s precast industry leaders. Our expertise covers anything from on-site precast production to installation. Kimly will, at every opportunity, conduct a precast feasibility study from the tender stage and are fully equipped to meet any nature of precast demands in-house.

Advantages of precast include:

  • Improved site productivity and safety
  • Reduced material waste and man-hours
  • Better quality due to more stringent production
    controls in a factory environment
  • On-site precast yard reduces transportation time
    and costs


Kimly has used system formworks & scaffolding to introduce an array of benefits, including better safety records, increased workers’ productivity, increased speed in external finishing works and increased finish quality.


  • Proprietary in-house system formworks
  • Multi-tier working platforms, which netted our Safety innovation Teams Gold and Bronze awards from SCAL and MOM respectively in 2005
  • PERI rail-climbing protection safety screen
  • PERI advanced system formworks and scaffolding
  • Nuform SystemAsia advanced system formworks