Kimly Construction Signs MOU with UOB and DOXA to Digitalise Finance Processes

Kimly Construction has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UOB and DOXA on 18 August 2022 to execute the trio’s first green trade finance transaction together on the digital platform DOXA Connex.

DOXA Connex is an online procure-to-pay platform that connects buyers, suppliers and financers in managing their workflows and payment process. Through this platform, the procurement process can be streamlined and the amount of time required for administrative tasks can be reduced while ensuring data integrity.

This collaboration will have the 3 parties execute their first green trade finance transaction online together. Kimly Construction’s latest green project, the Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) campus at Punggol North (Plot 2), will be carried out entirely online on the UOB Infinity and DOXA Connex platforms. UOB will also be able to provide Kimly Construction with green and sustainable trade financing using the online platforms.

This collaboration is an important step to building a digital financial ecosystem for cash management and trade financing for the entire construction industry. Kimly Construction is excited to be part of this journey with UOB and DOXA.

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