Tresalveo@ Marymount

Situated near Marymount MRT station, Tresalveo is a luxury condominium development comprising a 20-storey block and a 21-storey block of residential flats with a total of 176 units.

Proposed Condominium Development Comprising 1 Block of 20-Storey & 1 Block of 21-Storey Residential Flats (Total: 176 Units) Including 3-Storey Carparks, Swimming Pool And Ancillary Facilities On Lot 16362M MK 18 At Marymount Terrace (Bishan Planning Area)

Date of completion April 2012
Owner Soon Lian Realty Pte Ltd
Architect Team Design Architects Pte Ltd
C&S Engineer Richard K C Lim & Partners
M&E Engineer Design & Management Services Consulting Engineer
Type of Development High Rise Residential (Private)